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Connection Networking

What is Connection Networking?

Traditional business networking is about knowing more people; Connection Networking® is about knowing people more.

People buy from people that they know, like and trust. Traditional women's ‘business networking’ groups focus on a sales environment, with early morning meetings and members rushing to conduct business then leave quickly to get to work on time. While these traditional business networking groups do generate business for their members, the relationships generated from those groups tend to be surface level only. It’s hard to get to know, like and trust someone if your only interaction with them is one with a sales focus.

The founders of Bee Circles have created a new type of networking known as 'Connection Networking'.

‘Connection Networking’ focuses on creating genuine and organic relationships rather than giving out as many business cards as possible. This is achieved via a blend of three core concepts: business networking, social networking, and mutual support. Each Bee Circles meeting is designed to include all three core principles within a more relaxed environment that is unlike that of traditional business networking events. 

Generations of women have gathered in circles to talk, share, learn, and support each other. Modern society has isolated us behind computer screens and made it hard to form genuine connections with other women. Connection Networking provides women with an opportunity to find their circle and reconnect with other women.

Official Bee Circles events typically include a 'needs & wants' session in which members can share, pitch their business product or service, ask for advice on any topic whether business or personal, impart wisdom, and support each other. Following this, we provide an opportunity to socialize, with food and drinks provided.

Our unofficial events are member-led and these are arranged based on demand in each circle. Unofficial events typically include things like walks, hikes, golf, tennis, book clubs, children's play dates, coffee meet ups, co-working days, and after work drinks.

Our monthly themes cover everything from personal finance, to health & fitness, and provide our members with opportunities to get involved, learn, grow, help & support each other, and promote their businesses.

Unlike large impersonal business networking groups, Bee Circles focuses on creating small tight knit circles of women who support each other’s businesses as well as supporting each other on a personal level, delivering both business and personal growth. Instead of being a place to sell and be sold to, Bee Circles members connect on a genuine level while getting to know, like and trust each other.