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Our official monthly in-person events are optional to attend, and ticket prices vary.

Yes. We are a female-only private members club and our regular events are only for women. We do host occasional events that partners and spouses are welcome to attend.

Yes! Our members are a mix of business owners, service providers, women working in a wide variety of professions, stay at home Moms, and retired women. All women are welcome.

Yes. We encourage you to promote your business and we encourage other Bee Circle members to support you and your business. We only ask that you get to know your Bee Circle and try to form genuine relationships with them rather than just sell to them.

Our monthly themes offer our members a great opportunity to showcase their business via talks, education opportunities, article writing, and more. If your business matches an upcoming monthly theme and you'd like to be featured, just let us know!

People buy from people that they know, like and trust. Traditional business networking groups focus on enabling a ‘sell and be sold to’ environment, and while such an environment does generate leads, the relationships generated from those groups tend to be surface level only. We believe that networking should be about creating genuine and organic relationships rather than giving out as many business cards as possible. It’s hard to get to know someone if your only interaction is one of a sales focus.

Instead of business networking, our group focuses on ‘Connection Networking’; a blend of business networking, social networking, and mutual support. Our members are encouraged to develop friendships and genuine connections with the women in their circle, in addition to business connections. Through this blended approach, our members have built close-knit circles of friends who have each other’s backs and are truly cheering for their success, in addition to generating new business.

We currently host an event every month. Circle members are encouraged to spend time together outside of official events, in the form of social meet ups, hiking groups, brunch, etc.

We allow existing circle members to bring a guest to any meeting with a maximum visit of once per guest before a membership is required. Guests will not be permitted to promote their business or services. Only female guests are allowed.

If we don't currently have a Bee Circle in your location, please register your interest as this is used to determine where to start the next Bee Circle. You can register your interest inside our online community, which you can join here: Join Us

If you'd like to start a Bee Circle in your area, please contact us here: Start a Bee Circle

If you're interested in starting a Bee Circle in your area, please contact us here: Start a Bee Circle

Yes! Quite a few people in each circle have social anxiety, from mild to extreme. If that's your situation just let us know. We will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. We know how difficult it is to walk into a social setting where you know nobody, and we'll make sure that isn't the situation you're faced with. We can meet you before every event so that you're going with someone, introduce you to people, make sure that you're not called on to speak, and generally make sure you feel comfortable. Don't worry, we've got you.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your circle, so we carefully select the group members to ensure that everyone in each BeeCircle is someone you’d want to spend time with. While we wish every woman success, we also recognize that not every woman aligns well with each individual group's dynamic. We are an inclusive and diverse female-only private members club that welcomes women from all backgrounds, age groups, cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, political beliefs, and personality types. All women are welcome. Selection is made on the basis of each BeeCircle’s unique dynamic, and while one circle may not be the right fit, another may be.

Bees, like women, are hardworking. They pollinate and cause organic growth, just like we pollinate ideas, and personal and business growth. Also... we really love bees!

Every Queen Bee needs a beehive ❤️

Food and drinks may or may not be included at events and this will be confirmed prior to each event.

Yes, we have sponsorship opportunities available to businesses with a product or service that aligns well with our upcoming monthly themes and is female-focused.

You can see our upcoming monthly themes here: Monthly Themes

For sponsorship opportunities please contact us.